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about us

Kijiji Afrika is  a feminist youth organization focussed on mental wellness, sexual reproductive health & rights and leadership. Our association was founded in 2015  by a team of five (5) young Kenyan women professionals, concerned  about the growing hopelessness and wastage of youthful population in Kenya and Africa particularly in  areas where the social support system is very weak.

The Kijiji Academy

In 2019, Kijiji Afrika hosted its first Academy. Through Kijiji Academy girls were equiped with SRHR Skills, Capacity on SRHR governance and youth development. Kijiji Afrika with its partners, through Kijiji Academy designed a tailor made training on SRHR issues affecting girls and young women.The academy focused on sessions ranging from;


Number of girls and young women graduate on SRHR

Our Partners


The Kijiji Academy

Thika, Kenya



Mon - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm